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"As parents, it was very important our sons participated in  a program that took a positive approach and worked individually in developing each player to develop strong teams with comradrie.  When they win, they win as a team.  When they lose, they lose as a team.  The coaching is positive, solid and developmental.  Each player goes on the court knowing what they bring to the game, and what they need to do to step it up to become even stronger.  Boulder is lucky to have this program and this coaching staff.  Our sons have played on a few leagues in both Boulder and Broomfield counties—this is where we will stay—it’s as good as it gets."

-Jeremy and Linda E

"...I just want to take a minute to thank you for all the great coaching and mentoring with the boys last season... our whole family looks forward to this season!  Sean really likes and respects you, he quotes you often, “ says..”...In addition to basketball coaching, there were a couple of life lessons last season... you Kept your smile and positive outlook; tough situations handled well were great learning moments for our kids. We look forward to another great season with you."

-The McElveen Family

"Coach Kevin is a great guy... a bit strict... because he wants you to get better. If you do something good, you'll be rewarded and if you do something bad he'll let you try it again until you get it right. He makes a lot of good drills and... Regardless of what position you play, he knows good drills and tips to get better at your position.


" Our son had a wonderful basketball experience last year with Kevin as his coach. He didn't want the season to end. We are all looking forward to another great year".  

-The Chopra Family

"...Coach Kevin works really well with both kids and parents... He is supportive while helping us enjoy the games..."


"...Coach Lawless is a great coach and a great guy... He knows a lot about the game and about building a team..."



"...A.D. really likes you [Coach Brown], in fact he says that you are the best coach he's ever been with..."


- Margaret


"I am super grateful Coach Brown. Thank you again and again! You are a saint... I can't express how happy you have made this young man!  He loves basketball, its in his heart.  Can't express it enough, how thankful I am, for you helping Josh."


_ Raynita

I wanted to let you know that my son Conner Reagan plans to try out for the Bulls... By the way, it was so much fun to watch them play this past Sunday.  I can't get over the level of play they are at for 6th graders.  We are so impressed with Job and the Bull's program.  Thanks for everything!


- Jane Reagan

Mateo would love to try out for the Bulls. Coach Job has done a fabulous job working with Mateo for about 6 months or so...


- Linda Y

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