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2019 Summer Skill Camps 


Location: Contact Us

Summer Schedule:


All skills clinics are 9am - 4pm, but players are welcome to drop in for half days or shorter amounts of time.

Week 1: 


   May 28th Tuesday

   May 29th Wednesday


Week 2:


   June 3rd Monday

   June 4th Tuesday

   June 5th Wednesday


Week 3:


   June 10th Monday

   June 11th Tuesday

   June 12th Wednesday

   June 13th Thursday

   June 14th Friday

Week 4:

   June 17th Monday

   June 18th Tuesday

   June 19th Wednesday

   June 20th Thursday

   June 21st Friday

Week 5:

   June 24th Monday

   June 25th Tuesday

   June 26th Wednesday

Week 6:

   July 2nd Tuesday

   July 3rd Wednesday


Week 7:


   July 8th Monday

   July 9th Tuesday

   July 10th Wednesday

   July 11th Thursday

   July 12th Friday


Week 8:

Week 9:

   July 23rd Tuesday

   July 24th Wednesday

   July 25th Thursday

   July 26th Friday

Week 10:

   July 29th Monday

   July 30th Tuesday

   July 31st Wednesday

   August 1st Thursday

   August 2nd Friday

Week 11:

   August 5th Monday

   August 6th Tuesday

   August 7th Wednesday

   August 8th Thursday

   August 9th Friday

Summer 2021: TBA
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