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Boulder Bulls: Top Performers


This page is to honor our current and former players who are making their mark in the game of basketball. We've been fortunate enough to have 2 of our players selected to the "Jr Show", the first in 2012 (Ben Davis) and then again in 2013 (Jackson Dinkel). The prestigious Jr. Show is Colorado's state-wide 8th grade All Star game. Whether our players are honored in the All Star game, playing above their grade level in high school, or making a significant impact at their level, we will take the time to honor them here on this wall.



2013-2014 8th Gr BOULDER BULLS:



**No 2014-15 HS Data until Spring 2015 but we have high expectations for this group of players. This group will be heading to Alexander Dawson, Boulder High, Fairview, and Holy Family for high school. Good Luck Guys!


Jackson Dinkel ALL STAR SELECTION (1 of 20 Colorado Players selected to 'The Show' for the 2013-14 Season).



2012-2013 8th Gr BOULDER BULLS:


Honorable Mention - Literally the entire 2013 Boulder Bulls team: they have dominated at the freshman level in high school, taking all of the starting positions on a Boulder High Freshman team that finished at the top of their league. We also have a player who is starting at Dawson and another who moved to California and is played up with the sophomores at a very competitive high school. All of these guys were ready to compete and lead at the high school level due to their hard work and dedication.


Cameron Mainland - Played up with the BHS sophomores and was instrumental to helping the BHS Sophomores to an undefeated season.


Pete Chopra - Played up and started on BHS' undefeated sophomore team. Was their anchor in the post and huge part of the team's success.


Ben Davis - ALL STAR SELECTION (1 of 20 Colorado Players selected to 'The Show' for the 2012-13 Season). PG and undisputed leader of the Boulder High Sophomore his freshman year. He willed that team to an undefeated season.





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